How to Customize the Pages That Google Chrome Opens When You Start It

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Like most web browsers, Google Chrome consumes a fair amount of your computer’s resources when it runs, which can slow down your computer. Closing the web browser when you are not using it can make your computer run faster. However, you then have the hassle of reopening the web pages you want to visit after you relaunch the browser. You … Read More

5 Myths about Ransomware Debunked

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In May 2017, the WannaCry ransomware infected more than 230,000 computers in over 150 countries, making it the largest cyberextortion scheme to date, according to CNET. WannaCry has one redeeming value, though. It is serving as a wake-up call to business leaders who have not been taking this type of threat seriously. Their lack of concern is often due to … Read More

How Hackers Can Infiltrate Your Network through Your Printers

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Many businesses connect their printers to a network so that multiple employees can use them to print documents. If all-in-one printers are networked, employees can also use these devices to copy files, scan documents, and send faxes. Thus, using network printers makes good business sense since companies are able to purchase or lease fewer machines. However, network printers can be … Read More

What Happens after a Hacker Steals Your Password

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You are probably familiar with how cybercriminals use phishing and other types of attacks to obtain employees’ passwords, as this is often discussed in the media. But do you know what happens after a hacker steals an employee’s password? To answer this question, researchers at the security firm Bitglass conducted an eye-opening experiment. The Experiment The researchers built a functional … Read More