What Kind of Managed Service Plan Is Right For You?

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Choosing managed service for your IT needs is often a pretty easy choice for most small and medium businesses. Choosing the right managed service provider, on the other hand, is often a bit more complicated. Even after you’ve decided on the exact services your business needs, navigating the pricing structures of managed service companies can seem difficult and frustrating. With … Read More

Achieve 100% Infrastructure Uptime

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Any company that depends on technology would want to achieve 100% infrastructure uptime for better productivity. While the idea of 100% uptime may be very appealing, it may not always be possible. However, companies can make the most of their infrastructure and get closer to their uptime targets with a little help from these tips. Moving closer to 100% infrastructure … Read More

Avoiding the Risks of Public Wi-Fi

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As technology goes more and more mobile, working remotely from public Wi-Fi locations is going to be a bigger and bigger part of doing business. Whether it’s your sales team using airport Wi-Fi while waiting for a flight, or your creative employees knocking out some work at a Starbucks over lunch, the risks of public Wi-Fi are going to have … Read More

What You Need To Know About Anthem’s Security Breach

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US health insurer Anthem Inc. announced on February 4, 2015, that it was the victim of a sophisticated cyber attack resulting in the theft of tens of millions of records. Hackers were able to break into a database that contained as many as 80 million records. These records contained personal information about current and former customers, as well as staff … Read More

Office 365: What Business Owners Need to Know

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Office 365: Why the Fit with Small Businesses is Just Right Office 365 offers a low upfront cost because small businesses can sign up with a plan that meets their exact requirements for a predictable monthly fee. This option is much more budget-friendly than setting aside funds to purchase new hardware, servers, software licenses, and CALs for the required server … Read More