Don’t Let Your Business Become the Next Spear

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Spear phishing scams targeted at businesses have proven to be very lucrative for cybercriminals. For example, since January 2015, hackers have stolen over $3 billion (USD) from more than 22,000 companies worldwide using a type of spear phishing attack known as a Business Email Compromise (BEC) scam, according to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). BEC scams specifically target … Read More

The Dangers Lurking When Employees Use Work Email Addresses for Personal Use

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Many companies likely have had their email credentials compromised without realizing it. In September 2016, researchers revealed that they found about 5 million unique business email credentials stored in hackers’ dump sites and other underground cyber markets. When the researchers crosschecked the compromised email addresses against the domains of the top 1,000 companies in the FORBES Global 2000 list, they … Read More

9 Signs That an Email Might Be a Phishing Scam

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Phishing attacks are still a weapon of choice for cybercriminals. The most common way they carry out phishing attacks is through email messages. In email phishing scams, digital con-artists use a convincing pretense to lure you into performing an action — usually opening an attachment or clicking a link. Doing so can lead to malware being installed on your computer … Read More

Why You Need an Email Policy and What It Should Include

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If your business uses email as part of its communication strategy, you need to have an email policy. While creating this policy is not a fun or easy job, it is a crucial one. Knowing why you need an email policy can help motivate you to get started, and knowing the types of information to include can make it easier … Read More

5 Ways to Protect Your Business’s Email Accounts from Hackers

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A hacked email account is a serious problem. Besides reading emails, cybercriminals can access other types of information associated with the account, such as calendar and contact data. Hackers can also use the account to send out spam or malicious emails, or even access other online accounts. For example, suppose they see a sales confirmation email from an online office … Read More