Scam of the Week: It’s Not a WhatsApp Voice Mail!

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Criminal hackers are constantly trying to trick people into clicking on links or open attachments they did not ask for. Their new "scam of the week" is to send you an email that looks like it comes from WhatsApp and claims it is a voice mail left for you. It’s not. Do not click on the "Play" button. If you … Read More

Buying New Smartphones for Your Business? Watch out for Preinstalled Malware

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In March 2017, a security firm found malware on 36 Android devices purchased by two companies. Several different types of malicious programs were discovered, including the Slocker mobile ransomware and Loki malware. Slocker encrypts your files and requires payment to unlock them, whereas Loki steals data and takes control of devices. Finding malware on smartphones that employees use for work … Read More

Cybercriminals Are Posing as Job Applicants to Spread Ransomware

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If your business is hiring, you should be aware of a new phishing attack in which cybercriminals are posing as job applicants. Falling victim to this attack may leave your business infected with the GoldenEye ransomware. This phishing campaign was initiated in Germany, but security experts expect it will go global. How the Attack Works Hackers like to target HR … Read More

5 Types of Files You Should Back Up Regularly

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Backing up your business files regularly is recommended in case a hard disk suddenly fails, a ransomware attack occurs, or another type of disaster destroys your data. However, not every file on your system is essential and needs to be included in these backups. You can save both time and space by backing up only the files critical to the … Read More

Scam of the Week: The Evil Airline Phishing Attack

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There is a new spin on an existing phishing scam you need to be aware of. Bad guys are doing research on you personally using social media and find out where and when you (might) travel for business. Next, they craft an email especially for you with an airline reservation or receipt that looks just like the real thing, sent … Read More