Scam of the Week: Mystery Shopper Email

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"Mystery Shopper" scams continue to snare unwary victims. Mystery shoppers are people hired to shop at a particular store and report on the shopping experience for purposes of quality control.  Unlike many scams, there actually are legit mystery shopper companies, but they never advertise or recruit through emails. Here is how this scam works: You get a bank check they ask … Read More

How Yahoo’s Massive Data Breaches Could Leave Your Business Vulnerable

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With so many credentials to remember, people often reuse passwords or variations of them. Are you one of those individuals? If so, your company might be in jeopardy if you reused your Yahoo password for a business account. In December 2016, Yahoo disclosed that hackers stole information from more than 1 billion user accounts back in 2013. This news came … Read More

6 Reasons Why Remote Monitoring Should Be a Part of Your IT Management Strategy

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If your company is like most businesses, your computer systems play an important role in your daily operations. To make sure those systems are secure and operating at peak efficiency, you can use a remote monitoring service to watch over them and gather information. Not only will you get data about your systems, but you’ll also gain peace of mind. … Read More

9 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts That You Will Actually Remember and Use

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There are hundreds of keyboard shortcuts that you can use while working within applications on Windows computers. Trying to remember which shortcut does what in each application can be difficult. However, there are some shortcuts that work across many Microsoft and third-party applications. Here are nine versatile keyboard shortcuts: 1. Ctrl+A To quickly select everything in a file or an … Read More