Your Webcam Might Be Spying on You

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Spying on people through their computers’ webcams might sound like a trick you would see in a James Bond movie, but it is a real threat in this digital age. Hackers, government agencies, and even a U.S. school district have been caught doing it. While some hackers spy on people because they are Peeping Toms, most are in it for … Read More

4 IT Trends That Will Affect Businesses in 2017

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There is no crystal ball that businesses can use to see the exact IT problems and opportunities that they will encounter each year. However, by looking at past and present IT trends, they can get a sense of where IT is heading and how the new direction might affect their business. Here are four trends that IT experts are predicting … Read More

7 Ways to Secure Your Smartphone

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Smartphones are so small and portable that it is easy to forget that you have a powerful computer in your pocket or purse. However, they are increasingly becoming the target of theft, ransomware, viruses, and other types of malware. As a result, you need to take steps to protect your device as well as the data on it. Here are … Read More