Scam Of The Week: Pokémon Go Malware, Muggings And Other Mayhem

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In case you just came back from vacation, there is literally a new craze going on with an augmented-reality smartphone app called Pokémon Go. It’s a geocaching game, meaning it’s tied to real-world locations.   It’s a smash hit sending people on the street, trying to catch virtual creatures in real-world locations called Pokestops that players can capture, train and … Read More

Your Smart TV Might Be Spying on You

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Smart TVs have many enticing features. For example, you can easily stream content from online services such as Hulu, control the TV with voice commands instead of a remote, and even access websites such as Facebook on a big TV screen rather than a small computer display. However, the technologies that make all these features possible can also be used … Read More

How to Increase Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

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Every year smartphone batteries increase in capacity. Yet, at the same time, it seems new phone models last less and less time before they need to be plugged in. This frustrating cycle leads many smartphone owners to wonder the same thing. Why can’t their latest iPhone or Android device stay on longer than a few hours, despite claims of a … Read More

Email Downtime? Mailbox Continuity is the Answer!

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Mailbox Continuity Employees today demand access to key information anytime, anywhere from devices and applications that suit their needs, not what is convenient for administrators. IT companies have the added challenge of protecting clients against advanced threats, whether someone is accessing email from a secure network or through a mobile connection. Employees want to find any file or email they have ever … Read More