Scam Of The Week: Enter To Win Tickets To Star Wars

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"Scamsters are trying to trick people into getting free tickets for the coming Star Wars Episode VII movie. You may get emails that ask you to enter sweepstakes, fill out surveys, free coupons for movie tickets, there are many tricks they will use. Don’t fall for it and get your computer infected with malware. STOP – LOOK – THINK before you … Read More

How to Spot Phishing Attacks

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One of the main tools in a hacker’s toolbox is the phishing attack. Hackers use these large-scale attacks to steal personal information from as many people as possible. Hackers using phishing are digital con artists. With hidden malware and a convincing pretense, they con people into handing over their personal information. They then use this information for a variety of … Read More

5 Signs Your Hard Drive is About to Fail

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Whether you have a solid state or mechanical drive there is always a chance the device will fail. Regardless of the type of drive, your computer usually will show subtle signs of a pending disk failure. Paying attention to these signs can save you from unexpectedly losing the data stored on your drive. 1. Intermittent File Corruption or Missing Files … Read More