Protecting Your Personal Information Online

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Identity theft and credit card fraud have reached epidemic proportions. You can scarcely go a day without reading a newspaper story about a major company losing thousands of customer records. Hackers use a variety of methods in order to compromise and steal your information. Learn about some common hacking techniques and how to protect yourself. Hacking Techniques Hacking takes patience, … Read More

How to Prepare Your iPhone or Android Phone for Sale

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Nowadays, smartphones are filled with all sorts of personal data including contacts, schedules, photos, videos, documents, and more. Whether you’re selling or giving away your old phone, you’ll want to both save this personal data and prevent others from gaining access to it. Here are a few steps to prepare your iPhone or Android phone for its new owner: iPhone … Read More

5 Ways to Keep Your Mobile Devices Secure

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It seems like every time you turn on the news lately, there are more stories of companies having their data stolen or corporate networks being hacked into. In fact, data theft and the hacking of business networks is actually on the rise. More and more of these attacks are originating with lost, stolen, or hacked mobile devices. This is compounded … Read More